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Baxley’s Signature Toffees

Baxley’s Signature Toffees


Chocolate coated English toffee made with dark Jamaican rum. Finished with crushed cashews.

Lauren has become quite the toffee maker with this English style toffee recipe. At the heart all toffees are caramelized sugar. Its the other ingredients blended with the sugar and the cooking technique that accounts for the wide variety of toffees available. English toffee is cooked to be crunchy and provides a nice contrast to the creamy chocolate as it melts in your mouth. The rich butter and dark Jamaican rum in our recipe will have you dreaming of an island retreat. Whether you choose a milk or dark coating, our toffees are topped with a light dusting of crushed cashews.

Chocolate Type

Dark, Milk, Assorted

Box Size

24 piece box

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Over the years we have put our own twist to a few traditional chocolate recipes. We think you will enjoy the unique flavors and textures of each item. As always, they are hand-crafted in small batches in our own kitchen to offer you the freshest chocolates possible. All are available enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.

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