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Baxley’s Signature Salted Caramels

Baxley’s Signature Salted Caramels


Caramels made with heavy cream and European style butter for an extra creamy texture.

When we started thinking about caramel, our goal was to create a medium firm caramel which would be easy to hand dip but would melt in your mouth when eaten. Judging by the fact that caramels are our most popular item, we think we met our goal. Heavy cream and European style butter lend a fresh dairy flavor and texture to these handmade caramels. Each piece is finished with a sprinkling of sea salt.

Chocolate Type

Dark, Milk, Assorted

Box Size

4 piece box, 8 piece box, 12 piece box, 15 piece box, 24 piece box

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Over the years we have put our own twist to a few traditional chocolate recipes. We think you will enjoy the unique flavors and textures of each item. As always, they are hand-crafted in small batches in our own kitchen to offer you the freshest chocolates possible. All are available enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.