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Baxley’s Signature Malted Milk Balls

Baxley’s Signature Malted Milk Balls


Butter, cream, malt and sugar combined for a new spin on an old favorite. Malted Milk Balls…a tried and true classic.  Try our handmade twist on the classic.

Our recipe redefines this classic. Butter, heavy cream, chocolate malt and sugar are blended to create a softer, richer flavor with the accent on chocolate. This is not your movie theater staple malted milk ball. Think instead of sitting in an ice cream parlor sipping on a tall chocolate malt. We think that you will agree that our hand crafted malted milk balls are in a class by themselves.

Chocolate Type

Dark, Milk, Assorted

Box Size

24 piece box

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Over the years we have put our own twist to a few traditional chocolate recipes. We think you will enjoy the unique flavors and textures of each item. As always, they are hand-crafted in small batches in our own kitchen to offer you the freshest chocolates possible. All are available enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.