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Chocolate Wedding Gifts

We were very honored to make two very different chocolate confections for wedding gifts over the past few weeks.

Our first order was for a very dear family we have known and loved for quite some time. Each wedding guest received an orange chili butter truffle or lime butter truffle with their own crystal to remember this very special day. Our truffles are made with a blend of chocolate and European-style butter and are not coated so they melt easily when eaten and deliver an immediate flavor impact. The bride asked if we could tie in their wedding color and we were happy to oblige using this blue cocoa butter pattern. These chocolates and crystals were packed in a two piece gold box. We attached the bride and groom’s thank you stickers to let their guests know how much they appreciated having their friends and family with them on this joyous day. Congratulations to Tatum and Alex on your new lives together. We are so thankful we were able to be a part of your celebration.

These tuxedo strawberries are so much fun to make. We were recently asked to create these by a local wedding venue as a little special treat for the bride and groom to celebrate their special day. We dip them in both white and dark chocolate. These delicious strawberries pair beautifully with a glass of sparkling wine.

We offer over 20 types of chocolates in our shop every day in both milk and dark chocolate. We also enjoy the challenge of being asked to make new and different treats to suit your occasion. If you have a chocolate creation you would like us to make for a wedding, baby shower, graduation, or any other special event, please contact us using the link below or drop by our shop. We would love to craft a sweet memory for you.

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